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The Journal of the Law of the Financial System, markets, operators and contracts (hereinafter JLFS) is published bi-annually: the March edition covers the period from March to August of each year, while the September edition covers the period from September to February of the following year.

The closing date for the submission of original papers for the March edition is the 15th of October, while for the September edition it is the 15th of May.

Editorial guidelines

The Journal of the Law of the Financial System, Markets, Operators and Contracts (hereinafter the JLFS), published by Thomson-Reuters, only accepts original and unpublished research papers written in Spanish. Papers should be sent by email to:

The editing and publication rights, in all formats, of any of the papers accepted and subsequently published, correspond to the Journal. Authors whose work is published by the Journal assign all rights of intellectual property over the work to the Journal. The JLFS is the sole titleholder to the rights of distribution, public communication, reproduction and transformation of the work published.

All collaborations with the JLFS are made freely, both with respect to publications and the external evaluation of the papers submitted for publication, although, whenever funds are available to do so, the Journal shall try to reimburse authors if possible. Under no circumstances shall authors be required to pay for the process of revision of their work or for the publication of their work by the Journal. A certificate of publication for all papers shall also be provided free of charge.

All authors are required to respect the Journal’s guidelines and the law regulating intellectual property rights, and furthermore, the submission of papers for publication entails the acceptance of the Code of Ethics of the Journal, which are detailed on this website.

Formatting and editorial rules

Authors must agree to abide by the formatting and editorial rules of the JSFR


They must also abide by the abbreviations employed by the JSFR


Any papers submitted for publication that do not comply with these instructions shall be returned to their authors for them to make the corresponding modifications or additions (see the section on Evaluation). If these are not completed within the deadline established the papers shall not be published. The Directors of the Journal reserve the right to make changes directly to the text in order to adjust it to the Journal’s editorial criteria when, in certain cases, it believes that the interest and value of a paper’s content make its publication a priority despite the need for formal corrections.

Send us your book for review

If you would like us to publish a review of your book you can send us a copy together with your contact details at the following address:

Revista de Derecho del Sistema Financiero. Mercados Operadores y Contratos

Departamento de Derecho mercantil «Manuel Broseta Pont»

Facultad de Derecho Universitat de València

Avda. dels Tarongers s/n, 46022 Valencia. (España)